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Mangrove Forest Tank

Banded ArcherfishPicture of an Angelfish

Latin: Monodactylus Argenteus
Size: 25cm    
Diet: Algaes and soft plants    

This shimmery silver fish has handsome semi-triangular markings along its sides, the body is tinged green or brown. The dorsal fin is yellowish/green and the caudal fin is green. The Banded Archer is best known for its ability to spit a jet of water to ‘shoot down’ prey 2 - 3 metres away.

Fun Fact:
Insects who have stopped to take a well-deserved rest on vegetation, best watch out - the Archerfish’s aim is second to none, knocking bugs into the water and gobbling them up is its favourite pastime!

Silver MonoPicture of an Angelfish

Latin: Sturisoma Panamense
Size: 26cm    
Diet: Very varied diet including vegetables and bloodworms    

The Silver Mono is a triangular-shaped fish with two black stripes; its prominent dorsal fin has a yellow tint with a dapper black outline. When in the wild, young Silver Monos prefer to hide away in the mangrove roots for protection; but as they get bigger and braver they like to adventure, swimming out to sea and exploring wider.

Fun Fact:
The young live in freshwater and then move to saltwater when they get older

Figure of 8 puffer fishPicture of an Angelfish

Latin: Tetraodon biocellatus
Size: 8 cm    
Diet: Mussels, cockles, oysters and krill

The Figure of 8 puffer fish has handsome green-yellow patterns on their backs. Capable of inflating itself with water or air when stressed or frightened, they can live in freshwater or saltwater With highly expressive faces and propeller-like fins, the puffers are good-looking, trendy chaps. Their ability to puff themselves up when startled, makes them one of the cleverest fish in the aquarium too – by making themselves larger, they are more difficult to gobble up!

Fun Fact:
Look out for the speckled markings on their back, which resemble a figure eight.

Spotted scat

Latin: Scatophagus argus
Size: 30cm    
Diet: A greedy eater that will eat just about anything

The Scat is a happy go lucky charmer. Young, cheeky Scats are brilliantly-coloured with silver-green or silver-brown sides and large round black spots to help them to camouflage amongst mangrove roots. These fish live in fresh water when they are young and then move to salt water when they are older

Fun Fact:
As they grow up and move into saltier water, the spots shrink and their colour fades resulting in a dull silver grey – much like how we age and our hair turns grey

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