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Tommy Jacks Aquarium

Visit  Tommy Jacks Brewpub, to join us on a journey from the Amazon Basin, through the Mangrove Forest and finishing-up in the rock pools of the shoreline. Featuring three colossal tanks - created in partnership with the National Marine Aquarium...

Link to the Amazon Basin tank page

Amazon Basin Tank

The handsome cylindrical tank, right in the centre of Tommy’s Brewpub, is where you will begin your journey into Tommy’s fascinating underwater world. Reflecting the unique conditions of the Amazon Basin, it is now home to a fun posse of fishy friends... Angelfish, Leopard Corydoras, Rummy-Nose Tetra and Swordtail.

See what the fish it’s all about in the Amazon Basin tank


Link to Mangrove Forest Tank

Mangrove Forest Tank

This large tank is designed to reflect the unique conditions of the Mangrove Forest. It is home to a variety of brackish fish who originate from areas in which freshwater meets saltwater. Meet the residents... Banded Archerfish, Silver Mono, Figure Eight Puffer and Spotted Scat..

See what the fish it’s all about in the Mangrove Forest tank


Link to Rockpool fish page

Rockpool Tank

The smallest of Tommy’s tanks, this rocky playground is designed to reflect the conditions you’ll find on the shores of our very own beaches. It is stocked with some of our most familiar shoreside buddies… Hermit Crab, Cushion Star, Three-Spined Stickleback and Common Blenny.

See what the fish it’s all about in the Rockpool tank


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