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Meet Tommy Jacks

A throwback to when surfers were kings, and skaters ruled the world; Tommy Jacks is ruggedly handsome and easy-going. Anything but ordinary, he is an intrepid explorer whose stories can brighten even the cloudiest of days. Renowned for the twinkle in his eye and spring in his step, some say he once escaped the notorious Bermuda Triangle, with nothing but a crab-catching line, a hip flask and the Velcro from his boardies.

The legendary Tommy Jacks is just that: a legend. Inspired by a life-long-love of the island lifestyle, and driven by good old-fashioned family values, our founders created Tommy Jacks to be the man behind the brand. What started as a fun figment of our imagination, has now become our virtual guide - hardly a day goes by when we don’t ask ourselves, “what would Tommy Jacks do?” To us, Tommy is as much a reality as the team who'll welcome you with open arms when you stop by for a visit.

"Tommy Jacks is the result of our life-long love affair with Bude. We have let our imaginations run wild, in the sheer dogged pursuit of happy memories for you and your loved ones. I hope we hit the spot."

Tommy Jacks is part of the Hebasca Group; check out our gorgeous sister hotel - Hebasca. Hang with us on Facebook and Twitter for more tales from the fascinating world of Tommy Jacks.


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